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Is Vaping Without Nicotine A Good Idea?

“Stop smoking and start vaping.”

Vaping came as a popular alternative to cigarette smoking. However, an argument still prevails over its usage and increasing demands. One thing has been widely accepted that vaping is way too less harmful than cigarettes. People who are addicted to smoking can get respite with E-cigarettes and vaporizers. New vapers have cravings for high nicotine-filled Vaping, which is not advisable.

Nowadays, there are advanced electronic cigarettes available for vaping without nicotine and some have even raised doubts about it. Some evidence suggested that nicotine has addictive effects on smokers. As a result, it becomes impossible for them to go on without nicotine, which is a natural stimulant.


The advantages of non-nicotine vapor cigarettes include:

Enjoying the sensation of vapor in throat and lungs

The pleasure of vaping without much deflection

Helps improve the taste and smell

Retain all sensory experiences like eating, smelling and tasting

But, there are some disadvantages like:

Change in appetite, cravings, headache, sleep disruption, etc.

Withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, irritability and so on.

The downside can be reduced if the intensity of nicotine-filled electronic cigarette smoking is slowly reduced instead of a drastic change. Conclusively, it is a good idea if pursued in the right approach.

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