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Best Time for Cruise in Mekong River

Before starting your trip in Mekong River, enriching your knowledge about the weather here is necessary to have a perfect cruise.

The temperature in Mekong region in Southeast Asia is generally warm all year round and often fluctuates between 23°C ( 74°F and 32°C (89°F). Because of the tropical climate and the yearly monsoon cycle, this region has two separating seasons: wet and dry season.

The ideal time to have a cruise in Mekong, the 12th longest river in the World is in the dry season. The dry season starts in November and ends in April; however, the period which is from November through January is optimum time. It is known as the coolest time of the year since the wet season has just passed and the sun is not too hot. You do not have to bear the heavily rainy days, on the contrary, you can relax and enjoy your trip with the clear sky and calm water if you spend time on travelling on Mekong regions in this period. You can gain a lot of memorable experience with local people and discover the new lands without being anxious about weather.

best time for cruise in mekong

Dry season is the best time for cruise in mekong

Although the dry season are highly recommended, the wet one is also a best time to cruise deeper into flooded forest and see people’s daily life in another way. It seems to rain every day in the wet season, but the rain usually falls in the afternoon and around an hour. This special characteristic partly attracts many visitors and helps them make arrangement for their trip.

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