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Why Hiring A Local Handyman For Locks Is Not Always Going To Help You

Want a duplicate key?

Hire the local handyman.

Want to repair an antique lock system?

Don’t hire the local handyman.

That’d be the advice coming from the experts. Indeed, a local handyman can resolve the simple lock and key issues for you (clarification: we never want their business to close). However, certain things need specialists, like an expert locksmith New Haven services.

What do they help with?

Suppose your car ignition breaks, the professionals will be the best persons to handle it. But there are a variety of locksmith services they can offer, such as:

Ignition repairs

Emergency lockouts

Lock re-keying

Commercial lock installations

and many more…

Since they specialize in resolving several complicated locks and security systems, their responses are immediate and effective to its best. On the other hand, a handyman would examine the problem from various aspects, try to resolve using a few tools, and when it’s not helping either of you, he will suggest you to visit an expert. Haven’t you doing the same thing by just delaying it for a while or more?


In the search of New Haven locksmiths, you may come across several locksmith companies.


To ensure that they are genuine service providers, you should ask them to show their proper credentials, which includes license or registration card along with photo identification.

The Lock Guys in New Haven are a licensed, insured and bonded locksmith company offering an extensive range of services. You can visit the website at and request a FREE estimate online.

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