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A Brief Guide To Buying Water Source Heat Pump System

Heat pumps are a much needed installation in homes, offices, etc. Given the variety available, one may go on to choose the kind of heat pump they wish to install. But, since we are discussing water source heat pumps, we would suggest people who have lake or river or any abundant water source nearby to opt for it.

Practically, buying a water source heat pump system depends on three major aspects,




Considering any other aspect pertains to the buyer’s interest or technical knowledge. That’s why these 3 are the only basic things that all should check.

For size considerations, the buyers will have to anticipate the requirements at their respective places. A heat pump, too big or too small would inadequately cause trouble, especially in terms of efficiency and comfort. Besides, one may also lose any savings at the end. Not just that, it will also affect the heat pump’s longevity.

Energy Efficiency, another pertinent factor that lets anyone decide on the pump. The heating efficiency, measured in COP or Coefficient of Performance is adjudged. Obviously, highly efficient systems would cost more. No matter what one thinks or does, budget surely impacts the kind of purchase. Which is why, it hits a roadblock to reach a decision.

However, if buyers get a deal that offers long-term benefits like energy savings up to 80% and several intelligent options along with it, they must go with it.


Dongguan Phipst Energy Saving Equipment Company Limited offers a wide range of heating and cooling solutions in several countries, including Germany, France and India. Along with water source heat pumps, it also sells ground source heat pump and other systems. One could request for a free quote on the company’s online portal by just filling out the form.

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