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Groove Grip Headphone Cord Holder



Get a Grip on your Cord with the Groove Grip Headphone Cord Holder 

Say goodbye to that cumbersome cord getting in your way while active. The Groove Grip eliminates the cord slack of headphones.

  • One size fits most, cut to size synthetic rubber cord. ¬†
  • Attaches to itself not clothing.
  • Sweat-proof, waterproof, no clips, magnets, clasps, or anything else to break.
  • Perfect for any activity: running, biking, boarding, hiking, etc.
  • Patent pending

Limited offer: You will receive 2 Groove Grips with cut to fit synthetic rubber cords. Available in blue. black, and red. These are pre-retail versions with Groove Grip .net debossed on them They are fully finished, high quality plastic, but they are not screenprinted with any logo yet.

Contact us for wholesale opportunities.


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