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9′ Divine Fisher Surfboard


This longboard rips. Period! We put a lot of design and forethought into the shape. It’s a hybrid of competition elements with a pulled in nose outline that is pointed up a bit and hips 2” down from the midpoint. The volume, foil and rocker are carefully balanced perfection with low entry rocker for 3-stroke take offs and accelerated tail rocker so the board on rail whips around like boards a full 2′ shorter! We have subtly domed 330cc volume into the chest area without dumbing out the responsiveness – so this board paddles very fast! The bottom contours include a concave through the nose, dead flat through the waist and then into a slight vee at the tail to accelerate rail to rail transitions. Rails are a modified chine at the nose, thinned out balance of 50/50 with a bit of downturn though the waist transitioning to hard edged speed rails through the bottom third and tail section.

Made from Surfblanks SuperwhiteTM grade #1 SuperstrongTM blanks from Australia because they are simply the best at maintaining prolonged whiteness. They have the finest consistency and cell structure of any surfboard foam. Made with very high bond and very low resin take up; they have twice the compression strength resulting in less pressure dings without having to rely on heavier glass jobs. Their formulation provides a perfect combination of complex molecular structure and gradient density throughout the core of the blank for enhanced surfing characteristics (flex with memory). Additionally, we use U.S. made Silmar S-251 water clear resins with UV protection additives and Hexcel fiberglass including warp cloths and S-cloths set in biaxial orientation again to maintain maximum strength to weight and board liveliness.

Boards are set in 2+1 configuration with a 10” adjustable center fin box and FCS plugs (for the side bites) because we have test piloted the whole line, they do exactly what they are supposed to do in taking performance (board and rider) to whole new levels and frankly we love these guys. We love playing around with the center fins for different conditions and different styles. We have run everything from little 6.5” Kai Sallas stubbies, Fingers, Dolphins, Soul Flex, Ezi Trim and fuller Hatchets and Fatboys and it is absolute pure joy to play around with different fins as well as adjusting them (forward or backward) in the box.

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