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8’0″ STINGER Fisher Surfboard

Length 8′
WIdth 22″
Thickness 3″
Nose 17″
Tail 14.75″
Weight Up to 260 lbs.
Surf Conditions Ankle to 6+ft
Fins FCS G-5s (3)


This is a high performance competition design fun board shape, set up in a thruster configuration! Very fast. Lots of maneuverability and control. The board has a little volume (300cc) domed into the chest area then rapidly foiled out towards the nose and forward rails giving it a misleading 3” thickness* but that’s where it stops. The template outlines, rocker and foils on this shape are full comp style profiles. The entry rocker is low for pushing early 3-stroke take offs and the tail rocker is accelerated so the board snaps around on rail.  The board features a concave nose transitioning to a slight vee/rail break through the waist into a vee finishing out in a double barrel concave through the fin section that makes this board a ton of fun to be on. There is a healthy dose of volume built in without decreasing the responsiveness.  This board paddles as fast (or faster) than boards a foot longer yet has the responsiveness to pull off competition level maneuvers.

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