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Why YCRE8.COM? Why now?

Retail has dramatically changed in the last 25 years and a very big opportunity is now presenting itself to the SSSPSYF community. The great retail stores of forever are struggling to keep up with the profitability that they have always enjoyed. They cannot take chances with new untested lines anymore. There are too many big, hot companies, to roll the dice with a small startup. Those big hot companies want more and more real estate every year, not less. It is not their fault for thinking that way. You would run your business the same way if you were them. So how do you, as a “start up”, ever get an appointment to meet with any of these retailers? The fact is….. You probably won’t. Not when you are just getting started. 95% of these owners and buyers have been around for 40 years. (No offense to Ron or Aaron) They have seen and heard it all 1000 times. Whether it is a hard core surf shop or a major department store, they all carry similar if not identical brands. Where is the love!!? The best opportunity that we can hope for out of school is to work at one of the big brands. YCRE8.COM is our answer to this dilemma.

Your Shot

Not all of us beat with that same “big company” heart. Many of us just cannot be involved with the same companies that everyone else deals with. I have been a rebel since I was born and I am not about to get on the big company death march at this point in my life. YCRE8.COM is all about the new, the different and people that cause that to happen. It is all about the opportunities and connections that the internet can start to provide everyone. We will give all of you who have ever designed a new skate deck, a new boardshort, a new snowboard jacket, a new rear set for a Ducati 1198R or a pair of denim jeans, the soapbox to show and tell your story, to sell your product, to get a taste of the new world with the help and advice that you may need to potentially become successful in the bitchenest business God ever created. This won’t be all you will need to become successful, but it will definitely get you headed in the right direction.



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