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Privacy Policy

We have created YCRE8 to help you start your business. We will not sell your private data, trade your private data or share your private data in any way, shape or form to anyone. Period. All private data that you give us will remain private. Remember though, this site has a public component to it and any data that you post on your public social profile or public, company profile will be available for the world to see. Your private stuff will always remain Private with us, but your public stuff could stay public forever.

Please do not post private photos of yourself or your friends or people who you are angry at. All of our little brothers and sisters might be shocked to see that kind of thing on our site. At that point we will have to get all nutty with you and that will bum us out. That goes double for photos of ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends, etc. This is not a site for that kind of stuff. Those sites are out there but YCRE8.COM is not one of them. This is a site to help give you, your company and the whole SSSYFPS community a boost at success and when we see that messed up stuff on our site it just sort of bums us out because we know that we will have to yell at someone and maybe kick someone off of the site. Simple stuff. Please don’t do it.


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