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My name is Mike Lesher and my wife, Beth and I live in Orange County, California. A few years ago a couple of friends and I got together and formed a company called YCRE8. The idea is to help anyone who wants to start their own Surf, Skate, Snow, Youth Fashion or Power Sports Company. My background in this industry is fairly extensive and looks like this: As a young lad I grew up working in the family business. Then several years of sales and counter work at Val Surf in North Hollywood, California selling Surfboards, Wetsuits, Skateboards and Clothing. Owner/Partner in 2 large and very influential surf/skate retail stores in Newport Beach. My wife handled the purchasing of everything from wax, shoes and clothing all the way to an occasional surfboard and wetsuit. Surfing Magazine was next with a couple more years of ad sales to every surf company in the USA. Then was the Director of Sales at Quiksilver, USA for 4 years, one of the founding owner/partners in Billabong USA and Hurley International Worldwide. Director of Sales for 13 years at Billabong and 2 years at Hurley International. A brief stint as CEO at Counter Culture, West Wetsuits & Creatures of Leisure. Then involved in several Board of Director roles including Skullcandy, in the Surf, Skate, Snow, Youth Fashion, Power Sports industry. I have surfed all over the world for 53 years, Skated for 35, Snowboarded for 8 and been into fashion since my first pair of Katin boardshorts. I have ridden dirt and street bikes since I was 15. I have been involved in the investment banking business and have mentored young companies for 25+ years. YCRE8 is the natural extension of my entire business career.

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