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The BootieLeash is the World's First Wetsuit Leg to Bootie Securing Device"

The BootieLeash is the World’s First Wetsuit Leg to Bootie Securing Device”

Just Arrived - The White Cotton BootieLeash T- Shirt

Just Arrived – The White Cotton BootieLeash T- Shirt

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Introducing BootieLeash

The First Innovative Wetsuit Leg to Wetsuit Bootie Securing Device for Water Sports Enthusiasts

           San Clemente, CA (April 28, 2016) – The BootieLeash™, the first ever innovative wetsuit leg to bootie-heel noose attachment, will prevent “wetsuit leg creep” while doing water sports. The BootieLeash™ stops the wetsuit leg from sliding up your bootie calf and prevents water blow up into the wetsuit leg. The BootieLeash™ is also useful in stopping the loss of reef walker shoes or booties in the waves, surf, rivers and rapids by securing the booties/shoes to the ankle with the hook and loop strap and snap hook vertical eye. Surfers, stand up paddlers, kite surfers, river surfers, wind surfers, kayakers, wake boarders and other water sports enthusiasts will all find the BootieLeash™ a practical solution for common problems associated with placing the wetsuit leg over the bootie ankle and calf.

According to Mike Mednick, inventor and CEO of BootieLeash™ “Necessity is the mother of invention and I have been trying to solve the problem of the wetsuit leg sliding up the bootie calf for almost four decades now.  I have also been trying stop cold water from being blown up my wetsuit leg during wipeouts and during the frequent bending, flexing, twisting and kicking of my wetsuit knee. Over the years, many surfers have tried string, duct tape and simple hook and loop straps to keep the wetsuit leg down and in place. I have heard this from many water sports enthusiasts from different areas for many years. Users of reef and river walker booties/shoes have also tried shoe strings to stop the loss of these booties/shoes in the surf or rivers, thereby preventing the need to buy just one reef bootie/shoe when one is lost which can be difficult.”

The Bootie Leash™ product will be available in surf shops May 2016 on the East and West Coasts and online at


James Surfing 6’ to 10’ Ranch

My O’Neill booties have a short calf and they worked perfectly and kept water out of my booties on both feet and I will use them all the time.”

Parker (Former NSSA Longboard Champion)Surfing 5’ Jetty

“Finally did not have to strain my back and trying to pull my wetsuit leg back down.  Worked perfectly. Thanks.”

Archie Surfing 8’ to 10’ Swamis


Used on both legs because I pull my wetsuit over my leash leg and my wetsuit never slid up as the elasticity on my wetsuit leash leg is pretty stretched out.”

Tristan River Surfing, Alberta, Canada

My feet definitely stayed warmer and dryer longer as well as my neo legs stayed put”.

Rachel (2nd ESA Mid-Atlantic ESA Regionals 14 and under girls) Surfing 3’ Jetty

“The BootieLeash kept water from getting in my bootie which kept my foot from getting cold.  I will recommend it to my friends”.

BootieLeash™ is a registered Trademark name with full non-provisional Utility Patent pending with the USTPO. All Rights Reserved.[gallery-1]/2/


Michael Mednick, inventor of the BootieLeash™, first started surfing when he was five in Virginia Beach, VA, when his father purchased him his first classic Bob White #6 surfboard.  Michael became the youngest member of the 62nd Street Surf Club in Virginia Beach.

During 40 years of surfing and being bothered and aggravated by “wetsuit leg creep,” and water being blown up into the wetsuit leg, Michael tried dozens of times to jerry-rig a solution to solve the problem. Similar aggravating issues were also expressed to Michael by other surfers which Michael had interviewed at many surf spots around in the USA.  Necessity is the mother of invention and the concept of the BootieLeash™ evolved over four decades:

  • 1970-1980 * A simple and messy, non-reusable duct tape repair to a basic string tied around the ankle, which nearly cut off circulation and was difficult to remove with frozen hands.
The concept of the BootieLeash has developed since the 1970'2.

The BootieLeash concept evolved from the 1970's to the 1980's when string was used to secure the wetsuit leg over the bootie ankle and calf.

  • 1990-2005 * A piece of surfing leash to secure the wetsuit leg over the bootie calf.  This technique worked better than the duct tape or string, but was unsightly, wasteful and cost-prohibitive with the majority of the leash being discarded.

2015-07-01 18.05.00

  •  2012 * Hook and loop straps, but the wetsuit leg creep was still occurring because there was no lock-down mechanism attached to wetsuit bootie from the wetsuit leg and water was still Being blown up into the wetsuit leg.

2015-06-16 13.30.57

  •  2015  * The first BootieLeash™ prototype fashioned from random parts taken from a folding beach cooler and miscellaneous items found in sporting goods stores. This conceptual design, when tested, performed marvelously and locked the wetsuit leg down and in place stopping the upward movement and creep of the wetsuit leg up the bootie ankle and calf and also preventing water from being blown up into the wetsuit leg.  It also stopped water from entering the wetsuit bootie through the top of the bootie calf.


IMG_1617 (1)

BootieLeash, Inc.

Attn: Mike Mednick

P.O. Box 3339

San Clemente, California 92674

(949) 463-3052


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