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Surfboard & Lava Base



Our Raku surfboards are the quintessential symbol of Hawaii. We have some of the best surf in the world and nothing means fun in the sun more than hanging-10! Get your little slice of paradise with our unique Raku surfboards.

Please select from, “Maui”, “Oahu”, “Big Island”, or “Hawaii” for what the heart will read…otherwise “Maui” will be used as a default.

This piece was fired in an outdoor kiln to 1800F, and then placed while still molten into a pit filled with palm fronds and engulfed in flames. It was then rapidly cooled to achieve its vivid colors. It has taken many years to perfect this art and achieve these vivid colors. Raku is a special glaze that we developed using copper oxides along with colemanite and ulexite. Our own homemade kilns were used to insure rapid heating temperatures for the best results.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and not mass produced, therefore, the piece you will be receiving will be its own unique piece of art and may not possess the exact same coloration, crackle, or markings as the one pictured. It will be very close to identical, yet not an exact replica. We do guarantee your satisfaction however and if you would like to receive a picture of the EXACT item you will be sent please contact us prior to purchase and we will be more than happy to facilitate said request.

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