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Honu Vase Matte (Turtle Vase)*** (A unique handmade in Hawaii pottery piece w/ FREE SHIPPING!)


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To the ancient Hawaiians the turtle, or “Honu”, symbolized the navigator that was able to find its way home time and time again. In fact, the Hawaiian sea turtle will swim hundreds of miles to its own birthing place to lay its eggs to give life to future generations. In Hawaiian mythology, the honu is a bearer of good luck, a living bridge that brings two souls together, and the foundation of some of the islands. Our unique Raku firing process ensures that you will receive a one of a kind honu that will keep you on the right path for a lifetime.

Our exclusive one of a kind artistic renditions are magnificent examples of the use of ultramodern techniques while still demonstrating a mastery of a 16th century art. The juxtaposition of contemporary and archaic makes each vase and bowl something to treasure forever. Every piece is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel ensuring you receive a quality, unique, handmade piece.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and not mass produced, therefore, the piece you will be receiving will be its own unique piece of art and may not possess the exact same coloration, crackle, or markings as the one pictured. It will be very close to identical, yet not an exact replica. We do guarantee your satisfaction however and if you would like to receive a picture of the EXACT item you will be sent please contact us prior to purchase and we will be more than happy to facilitate said request.

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