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IMG_6411 IMG_6112 IMG_6422 IMG_6434 IMG_6098Speaking to surfers first: How many of us have board bags at home that we hardly use? You must admit they aren’t easy to fold up and store are they?¬†They are what; filled with melted wax mixed with sand and dirt – Zippers are broke – Too small for we bought bigger boards…i mean who wants to buy a used board bag filled with sand and wax…RIGHT? – Not convenient – Boards get stuck inside on a hot day from the wax melting – Wax is stuck all over bottom of boards – BUT..they are great for traveling! Now Stand Up Paddlers: You already have a big board now you need to buy a big COVER? What if there was a simple to and from the water UV slip on cover that you could install in less than ten seconds…would that interest you? The Topless Boardbag is a pioneering UV slip on cover that is Quick, Easy and Convenient to use. I am proud to say it’s made in the USA…right here in San Diego. Topless Boardbag keeps boards over 30 degrees cooler versus uncovered boards – For the person going from house to water then home – Hanging out at waters edge all day – Needing simple UV protection while boards hang in garage, patio, sitting on side of house or just hanging with buds in parking lot. Topless Boardbag…”An Easier Way”.

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